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February Winter - 2018!

We are archiving old footage, making more room for new media. Please excuse some of out pages!

Welcome to 139 West Productions, an award wining editing & digital production company, that services the Greater Los Angeles area.

Benson's Hope the 2017 Documentary

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This 86th Oscar Red Carpet produced/edited production was for Cinema Today. One of the top Movie & TV information platforms in Japan.

Today, new Social Media  means to us a new way of thinking, a new way of delivering your brand your product or your message to the people who you believe should have it.

Not only can your branding message be delivered by the usual TV, and mail, but by what marketers recognize as a growing phenomenon, the on-line community of consumers -- a 24-hour virtual cash register.

Do you want to be a part of this?

My DVD is flying off the shelf. You did a damn good job with my first video making experience. We are on-line with a strong web presence. I want to do more with your company in the future. Thank you very much.
~ Rick Walker Super, Salesman "Closing the Deal - 7 Steps to Yes!"

We can deliver your digital video product the way you want, or in a way you never thought of wanting. Your buying public is ready for the delivery of your message. Your digital video projects will be be received by not only DVD, televisions, computer monitors, laptops, and digital billboards, but with the new advent of what we call "Pictures in Your Pockets." Yes, PDAs, iPods, phones and yes, even watches.

Video says

Why not think today about moving pictures, moving your product, moving your brand as now being in the palms of buying consumers’ hands? With us you have the potential of the greatest reach, and you should take advantage of it.

Now we watch video when we want to watch, and how we want to watch; this is your chance to create the message you want your potential customers to see. The watch time is now. Will you take advantage of it today. Contact us.

139 West Productions gets the job done, over and over again.

...the video interview you did for KNBC-TV of RIBS USA was impressive and was well done. And what made it even more spectacular was seeing it on television. That also was a wonderful first time experience for us. We now understand why you came highly recommended.
~ Steve N., Co-Owner

(Highlights from our Award Wining Documentary:
"The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer")


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