Some of our satisfied client lists!


Cinema Today, Japan

The Braille Institute Los Angeles

DangerMan Foundation


Rick Walker's "Closing the Deal - 7 Steps to yes"

The Toland Company

Dorian Harewood's "Strictly Blackjack"

Rose Art Glass

Crystal Clear Pool & Spa

Yen Yen Cafe

Lighthouse Video,

LLC Planet - Noah Productions,

LA Women Alive Inc,

LA Cable Positive, NY

Inside Perspective's MTA

African Market Place - Inside Perspective


LA Academy of Fine Arts

Two Blues Shadow Warrior

Seven Thirty Five

Major Motion Cycling Club

For The Moment

S & B Recumbent's

Planet LuLu Clothing Store

Inside Perspective - 45 episodes

Universal Underground Tour The Gala

The Color of Success

Recreational Drugs,

Sex Education

Chocolate Nut Cracker

M. Blackman, Producer

Stacey McClain, Director

The Bicycle Grand Prix

E. Emitt, Producer

A Video Brochure

Famous Fone Friends

Reach LA

Women Alive