Book Reviews

Making Your First Short Movie

"I found it informative and I like the tone you’ve used… The part about filming and shots and takes was great… Overall it is a valuable text for someone who is looking at the ins and outs of their first short."

~ Louis J.v. Rensburg, South Africa - Filmmaker


"Andre Campbell's eBook, "Out of Your Own Pocket, Making Your Own Short Movie" is a sparkling gem of a  starting point for the movie-maker beginner.  It also serves as a marvelous checklist for the more experienced film maker.  This is indeed a fun jump start for anyone with a passion to make a short film and a camera. Wait... you don't even have to have the  camera yet!  What I truly appreciated about this author was his  method of laying out  substantive material in a clear, understandable, hand-holding kind of way."

"He  walks you through what could have been an overwhelming morass of technical information.  After you read it (it's a quick read) you feel you merely took a stroll in the fresh air of  filmmaking fun! Campbell breaks the process down into  a simple, clear, step-by-step process.  And what's really impressive is how he gets you over the hump of fear inertia.   Did you know if you've got a friend or some family,  you've got yourself a perfect first-time crew? How cool is that! I was ready to enlist my dog!"

"Do yourself a favor. If you have any inclination to make your own short, but you hesitate because it seems that it might be something too hard or too technical, or that you don't have the talent......get over it!  After reading  this book,  you will undoubtedly feel like I did, and say to yourself,  'Awe shucks! I can do that!' " And you know what? He shows us that we truly can."

~ Diane Uniman,  New York City,  Writer, Screenplays and Musicals


"Interesting tips and lecture there for those who are planning to enter the film industry. It has something for all those who make a film happen not just Individual film makers. All the crew in the film has something to pick from the book. Honestly, if you are keen on doing a short movie, go for this book and get some tips... (even if you are uncle Joe and not knowing where on/off camera button is...) I love the sense of humor in it too..."

~ Jacqui, Abuja Nigeria, Writer, Screenplays


Making Your First Documentary

"André Campbell has done it! He' figured out a way for the 1st-time documentarian to get high quality results at a low cost. The title says it all: Out of Your Own Pocket: Making Your First Documentary."

~ Carolyn Patricia Scott - Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA, Author/Educator, Computers and Educational Technology Program, California State University Northridge


"If you have always wanted to produce a documentary, André Campbell’s Making Your First Documentary is the the ideal book to read. Most emerging producers and filmmakers do not have time to read pages and pages of material but this fast-read quickly informs the novice documentarian how to begin and provides the requisite tools. Campbell allows readers to initiate the fimmaking process with an idea, a camera and a tripod.

Upon completion of Making Your First Documentary, readers will understand how the author/director of The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer documentary, became an award-winning producer.

As an independent producer, his book: inspires the making of passionate films; interprets the intricate business of rights & permissions; explains the importance of lighting, framing shots and the use of proper microphones; and provides and understanding of the vital work of transcribing a documentary."

~ Professor P.J. Coxx, New York City, - Writing for TV & Film Courses, Aspiring Documentarian, MNN, Independent Producer